Tororo Main hospital may soon lack space for donations coming in from different partners who have delivered health equipment to the hospital following media reports that highlighted inadequacy in the facility.

Rock classic health club in May this organized a charity run to raise funds towards the purchase of delivery beds for the facility that registers over 400 deliveries in a month.

Yesterday the Rock classic health club delivered to the facility 4 delivery beds worth 6millions in a move to improve service at the unit.

While handing over the beds, the chairperson of Tororo health club Fred Epiat thanked the people of Tororo for the generous contribution towards acquiring of these 4 beds.

Epiat asked the hospital administration to guard the beds jealously to ensure durability as the club looks around to lobby for urgently needed equipment to ensure a secure health unity.

Tororo district assistant CAO Jackson Osudo confirmed the poor state of the labor suit saying that the beds needed replacement of which the district has limited resources to fix everything amidst the many demands.

Osudo says with these beds at the hospital they expect an increase in number of women delivering in the unit coupled with reduction of children dying during birth as result of discomfort.

Representing the acting district chairperson Francis Olweny the secretary production asked mothers to shun going to traditional birth attendants saying the hospital is now well equipped to handle all deliveries.

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