TORORO: Tororo Town was yesterday 10th April, a scene of running battles between Police and Forum for Democratic Change leaders and supporters as.

This occurred after Police chose to fired tear gas and rubber bullets in order to disperse people who had gathered for the Party consultative meeting scheduled to take place at Tororo Youth Centre Hall.

FDC members and supporters turned up for the meeting as early as 9:00 am only to be blocked by Police who demanded clearance from Police headquarters. The FDC leaders tried negotiations with Regional Police heads without any success.

Tororo District Police Commander (DPC), Rogers Chebene said the FDC District Chairperson, Owor Oloo only wrote to him informing him of the District meeting but not the National consultative meeting as claimed by the Party leaders.

Bukedi Regional Police Commander (RPC), Julius Tusingwire advised the FDC leaders to plan for another meeting and follow Public Order Management Act (POMA) by getting clearance from the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Meanwhile the FDC Party President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi insisted that they wrote to IGP informing him about their National consultations that he cleared. He said the first meeting that took place in Mbarara City Hall did not have any interruption adding that they are to cover the country in two months.

Oboi said blocking FDC meetings is a sign of cowardice by the sitting government adding that every citizen has a right to assemble and they will never give up on their country.

By Mathew Okello

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