TORORO: Residents of Osukuru Sub County in Tororo District have resolved never to remit local revenue to the district if the district does not reverse the plan of shifting the construction of an administration block from Osukuru Sub County to Nabuyoga Town Council.

John Paul Okanya, the LCIII Chairperson of Osukuru Sub County said the Technical Planning Committee meeting of 4th march 2019, minute four decided to change the construction of the administration block that was meant for Osukuru Sub County to Nabuyoga Town Council.

Okanya revealed this yesterday 10th April at Osukuru Sub County headquarters during a consultative meeting that was called to discuss various activities concerning the Sub County.

The chairman said that they have lobbied for this administration block since 2016 and upon approval; it would be unfair to have it shifted to Nabuyoga. He notes that the current administration block at Osukuru Sub County is dilapidated.

Okanya said they would have conceded to the change if it had been within Tororo County but not to West Budama. He says this is a manifestation of the injustices that people of Tororo County are facing in Tororo district.

Stella Imukutet, the acting LCV Chairperson of Tororo district who is also Female Councilor for Osukuru and Malaba Town Council said Osukuru contributes about 70% of Tororo’s local revenue and it will be unfair for the technical committee to shift the administration block construction to Nabuyoga if anything it would be allocated to new sub counties that will be curved out of Osukuru.

By Okello Mathew

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