Muslim leaders living within Tororo district have been asked to champion education if they are to compete favorably in the job market.
This call was made by Uganda Muslim Supreme council administration Secretary Hajji Rugasa Wahab during a workshop at Youth centre in Tororo municipality intended to boost Imams and mosque leaders participation in community development.
Hajji Rugasa emphasized that the supreme council is currently out to ensure that education becomes a priority among the Muslim community. He added that this has been done through opening up of several Islamic schools including universities and awarding scholarship at district level.
Rugasa encouraged Muslim leaders to embrace the crusade because it acts as a reflection point of both weakness and strength of leaders as they prepare themselves to serve their people.
The Tororo district Kadthi Hajji Ibrahim Asante noted with the concern that currently Tororo is registering high number of teenage pregnancy and early marriage saying such trainings should act as a wakeup call for the leaders to denounce such acts and bring up a healthy population.
The Tororo municipal council town clerk Muzamil Akuma who was part of the training asked the Imams to be knowledge seekers because most people looks at them for inspiration and they can never inspire anybody if they are not knowledgeable.

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