Several people in the Mobile money business have registered losses at the hands of con men who have mastered various tricks to earn a living form unsuspecting operators.

Today, our reporter spoke to one of the so many victims who have in the past fallen prey to the antics of the cruel conmen. Margret Akongo, a representative of central parish in Western division says she has on a number of occasions been approached by the conmen while conducting her mobile money business.

Akongo shares an experience where she lost 1.5 million shillings to a con man who tricked her into sending the money and later gave her fake cash.

Akongo says the con men also use mobile money sms and immediately call requesting you send back the money which was never deposited into the operator’s account. Akongo’s fear is how the con men get to know the exact money an operator has on their account at a particular time. She also says the con men sometimes use threatening messages that throw the operators into panic.

Nicolas Ssengendo, the airtel regional territory business manager says he is well aware of the con men business noting that even their own airtel offices have fallen prey to the conmen.

Ssengendo says to alert operators about the increased crooks, the telecommunication company organizes quarterly meeting to devise new ways to safe guard clients’ businesses

Meanwhile Tororo DPC Rodgers Chebene confirmed that they have registered cases of mobile money fraud asking agents to be vigilant adding that several cases are a result of negligence.

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