The 100.2 EAST FM Editorial Policy is presented below.

For each post here at the byline states “The Author” or may include the name of the editor who posted the story.  The editor may use copy from a variety of sources, but is not necessarily the original writer of the material presented online.  Editors also change copy based on 100.2 EAST FM editorial standards.  Attribution is provided to official sources and other news organizations, including the Associated Press and material provided to the Associated Press by news outlets.

100.2 EAST FM posts “Local and Urban Viewpoints” and content from other sources worldwide which are named and assume full responsibility for the content submitted to 100.2 EAST FM.  The source of this material must be noted in the post.  We also invite responses to “Local and Urban Viewpoints” columns.  

These responses may be:  1) Full commentaries addressing the issue; or 2) A response to particular statements  posted at .  The responses will also be posted at provided that an individual or an organization is willing to assume credit for the response.  

If you have any questions about posts online, or on radio, please feel free to contact us.  We also welcome comments, news releases, Local and Urban Viewpoints submissions, and links to your photos and videos.

Contact us by sending an e-mail to: