Tororo district Chief Administrative Officer CAO, Dunstan Balaba has revealed that the district service commission is in the final stages to conducting the first cluster of interviews. This comes after several allegations that the commission had put off its activities over unclear reasons.

The CAO says that interviews for internal applicants totaling to 67 will commence on 8th May 2019.

He noted that the district had lost a number of stuff due to death, retirement and shift in service to other sectors adding that there is need for immediate recruitment to fill the gaps so as to normalize service delivery in the district.

The CAO also noted that health and education sectors had suffered most due to the man power gaps. He revealed that over 207 people will be recruited to fill the existing gaps.

Balaba rubbished claims that the available opportunities will be divided equally amongst the Jopadhola and iteso adding that the recruitments will be on merit and for all interested applicants regardless of one’s tribe.

Meanwhile, Pajwenda and Nabuyoga, will not be catered for due to lack of money but the district is going to continue soliciting for stuffs from other sub counties and councils to offer support to these town council as they wait for their budgets in the next financial year.

The Tororo district acting chairperson Stella Imukutet appreciated the commission’s move and asked them to speed up so as to improve equal service delivery in all parts of the district.

The Tororo district Service commission has been non operational for a long time due to lack of quorum after some individuals from West budama pulled out of the committee due to tribal sentiment.

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