TORORO: The Tororo District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is currently stuck with over Shs56.2 million meant to pay LCI and 2 Chairpersons because Tororo County boycotted the LC1 elections.

Dunstan Balaba told EASTNEWS that the district has received money to cater for the ex gratia of LCI and twos of the entire district and the money is currently in the different accounts of the sub counties.

However Balaba revealed that he has instructed the different sub counties within Tororo county South and North to hold the money till he receives communication from the Ministry of Local Government and Electoral Commission on the way forward.

When asked if his office will return the money incase he is instructed not to pay, The CAO revealed that the money will not be taken back but rather will be diverted to do other activities within the district.

The CAO says that the purpose of elections was to get new recognized leaders which were not done in Tororo County. However despite the failed elections, the CAO confirms that the old structures in Tororo County are still operational and steering different villages.

Balaba says he has sought guidance from the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government and Electoral Commission on the legality of the current LCs but has not received any feedback. He’s expecting feedback next week to see what step to take next.

He has asked the LC1s and twos to be calm and patient as they wait for communication from Kampala.

Tororo county North and South has a total of over 417 villages and 52 parishes.

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