The Executive of Tororo Municipal Development Forum has today tasked the Tororo Municipal Council to explain the where about of the revenue collected from taxi operators. The issue came to the fore after garbage heaps remaining uncollected.

The meeting between the MDF and Taxi and Bus operators at the municipal chambers started without any council representative.

One of the taxi operators Aziz Mbubi raised the concern about the absence of Municipal representative at the meeting whom they expected to give a report on the revenue collected from the park.

The MDF President Pastor Amos Omoit was forced to call in the deputy Mayor Lillian and one technical officer who preferred anonymity.

According to the taxi operators, there are some unknown people collecting money from the drivers leaving the council with no revenue meant for garbage collection.

Meanwhile, the deputy Mayor denied knowledge of the people collecting the money and promised to work with security and MDF to pin down the masqueraders in order to improve on the revenue collection.

However, she also explained that as council they have received strong resistance from the drivers who stubbornly don’t pay the revenue following the President’s pronouncement on withdraw of entry fee six months ago.

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