By Ayeet Daniel Onyanga, 26th September 2017

In a bid to restore trade order, traffic order and development control in Malaba town council, the community in Malaba town council has asked the town council authorities to help restore sanity in the town.

Ikileng James the Chairman of MATODA attributes the increasing cases of unapproved activities such as street preaching and mobile advertising to a weak council which is not doing their work.

He notes that with this unmonitored noise, traders are not able to receive calls as the working environment is polluted by noise

Oteba Bernard a trader in Malaba town asks the councilors to ban street preaching at night claiming that some preachers abuse other faith denominations something he argues that could spark off religious hatred among locals in the town.

In February this year, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) called among others things street preaching illegitimate, ordering all outdoor community broadcasters who use ‘bizindaalo’ so as to broadcast messages to cease operations.

The Commission said operation of such mediums is a public nuisance and an infringement on the rights of citizens to peace and quiet in the City.

Efforts to get a comment from Kalami Asa Orimodi the LC3 Chairperson Malaba town council were futile as he kept cancelling the calls.

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