The Uhuru Institute for Social Development has condemned police raid of its Naguru-based offices on suspicion that it’s being used as a conduit for illicit funds to facilitate illegal activities.

Police on Monday raided Uhuru Institute offices and confiscated five computers, 13 financial files, various vouchers of mainly dollar transactions and 15 mobile phones of staff and visitors found at the institute in the search that lasted for seven hours. Police also arrested one Uhuru Institute staff, Francis Lulahali.

The Institute’s Operations Director, Jane Amuge Okello, says Lulahali, a data analyst, had used one of the office mobile phones that were being used for research to call his mother informing her that he would be returning home late. After the call, Lulahali deleted the call log from the phone and his action was interpreted by the police as suspicious hence his detention.

Amuge says the Institute condemns the cowardly raid intended to disrupt Uhuru’s noble cause of fighting poverty and promoting social economic transformation. She says the Institute demands police to return their equipment and release detained staff.

  • By URN

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