The second deputy prime minster Al Haji Kirunda Kivejinja has asked the people of East Africa to preserve their culture as the only tool towards unity.
Kivejinja made this statement while addressing Ugandan and Kenyan traders who had converged at Tourist hotel Bugoma in Kanduyi constituency, Bugoma County for a Kenya-Uganda tourism trade expo which was aimed at promoting tourism between the two countries.
He further clarified that it’s time for the people living within the East Africa to strongly push for the removal of colonial boundaries and start working towards uniting tribes and cultures that were separated by the boundaries citing the Itesot, Bamasaba, Samia and Jopadhola who originated from one place but currently living parallel due to the greed of Europeans.
Kivejinja called upon institution most especially those that offer financial services like loans to allow cross border collaborations in service provision as a sign of true meaning of integration. He also called upon teachers to instill in the students a spirits of togetherness for instance through teaching students east African anthem and through cross-country tours.
Meanwhile the county governor of Bungoma Wycliffe Wagamati says that the East African countries have worked hard in stabilizing neighboring countries like Somalia noting that with integration,other countries and Africa at large will be helped.
Reacting to the current Kenyan politics, the governor said that it’s not good for Kenya to go for a referendum immediately after the general election citing that this will retard the Kenyan growth and as Bugoma County they are not in support of referendum.

By Mathew Okello

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