The Tororo district speaker John Okeya has asked the focal persons handling NUSAF3 to strike out Asinge A and B villages in Osukuru Sub County and consult with their Sub county leaders before the distribution.

Okeya who was speaking during a meeting to flag off the Amogoro water shed project under NUSAF 3 at Datic Tororo municipality. He says that following a recent experience where Tororo county leaders threatened to block developmental projects by some leaders has scared them off some area such as Asinge A and B in Osukuru Sub County which has some of the beneficiaries from this project.

Okeya added that Tororo people are united and this unity can be witnessed by the rapid intermarriages with the tribes in the district but he blames some few politicians in Tororo who want to use conflicts as an opportunity of building their political base

Okeya’s remarks came minutes after the chairperson of Eastern division John Ochwo expressed his fears of including the two villages of Asinge citing that their inclusion would suppress the kicking off of the project.

Ochwo said that the people of Asinge may be free with the project but he was worried of the people he termed as powers above in Tororo county who must first be consulted before anything is done in the area whom he claims may pin the people of Asinge of selling the county by joining a government project that would benefit the poor Ugandans.

Meanwhile the Osukuru Sub county deputy speaker and a councilor representing Nyalakot said that it is okay for the Asinge villages of Osukuru sub county to join the NUSAF 3 project under Amagoro Water shed since they are close neighbors.
Tororo district is among the 59 districts benefiting from the NUSAF projects with the latest being Amagoro Water shed with six villages of Asinge A, Asinge B, Amagoro A central,Amagoro A South, Amagoro A North and Amagoro B south.

By Mathew Okello

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