Tororo district RDC Martin Oroch and the political wing headed by the acting district chairperson Stella Imukutet yesterday walked out of a meeting organized to commission the construction of a male ward at Tororo main hospital. The walk out was in protest of not being acquainted with information about the government project.

A project that will cost the Ugandan government over 512 million was abandoned after the chairperson Stella Imukutet lost her temper with CAO whom she blamed for overlooking her office.

Stella also added that most projects in Tororo district kick off without her knowledge and this makes it hard for her to explain what happens to relevant authorities when need be.

Meanwhile the RDC martin Oroch called for the immediate stop to the act and distanced himself from the project which he said he had no knowledge of.

The RDC then matched out of the meeting and was followed by a group of political leaders who said they cannot be used to such an extent.

The CAO Elizabeth Namanda then called an immediate meeting with the district engineer and contractor. By the time of filing this story, the outcome of their meeting was still unknown.

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