Community members in Merikit sub-county Tororo district have asked their leaders not to sign a document allowing Uganda Police Force take over the community land that they say was illegally donated to the force by the area LC1 chairperson.

The land in question was donated in 1980s by one Oketcho Yandera for construction of a community hall that would help the people of Merikit however the area Lc1 chairperson Peter Jamagara allegedly donated it to Uganda Police without involving the community members.

Police then reportedly surveyed the land but had to return the documents for enforcement by the area lc3 authorities something that the community members rejected in yesterday’s dialogue with Tororo district police leadership.

Simon Peter Okware Omaset who was the care taker of the land accused the LC1 chairperson Merikit trading centre Peter Jamaga of pursuing selfish gain by donating the community land.

The area lc3 chairperson Joseph Obure wondered as to why a poor community could donate land for a well financed institution like police without even compasating the family of the late land donor who are languishing in poverty.

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