Tororo municipal council yesterday passed the 2018-2019 financial year budgets totaling to 14.6 billion shillings.
The education department took the lions share with an allocation of 4.2 billion, administration got 2b while health was given 913 million.
During a council sitting chaired by the speaker Gilbert Otim, several recommendations were presented by different committees to be approved by the house before the passing of the budget.
Finance committee recommended that a group consisting of eight people including the DPC, RDC and the RISO begin a dialogue with drivers to ensure that they start paying agreed amount of money for parking in the park after commission as a way of generating revenue.
The committee also recommended that a sum of 300,000 be paid monthly by people who will occupy the lower taxi park building as monthly rent, 250,000 be paid for lock ups for upper lock ups and 500,000 for restaurants.
The committee also resolved that the councilor’s allowance be increased to 50000 across the board and lions Children’s Park be surveyed with immediate effect.
Meanwhile health, education and environment committee recommended that health workers who steal drugs in the hospital should be disciplined and exposed to the public.
The speaker Gilbert Otim asked the office of the town clerk to immediately find solution to the unspent money in agricultural department before it’s returned to the national treasury.
With just a few days to end the financial, the unspent money which totals to 62.2 million was meant to boost farmers’ capacity of production within the municipality but only 19 million has been spent.

By Mathew Okello

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