The Tororo district health officer David Okumu has revealed that the district health department is currently in serious pursuit of HIV infected persons who are still in hiding and fear to go for testing.
Okumu says that following the government vision of bringing down the HIV infections to 95% by 2030 the district is currently on ground to see that this government vision is achieved.
Speaking about Tororo Okumu says that over 29,600 persons are suspected to be living with the virus but only 60% are on treatment and as a district they are currently looking for strategies that will help them aggressively look for the 40% missing numbers and put them on treatment.
The DHO was today speaking at Sofitel hotel in Tororo during a meeting organized by USAID RHITES where he said the current move of voluntarily inviting people for testing has born no fruits because people are not willing to go for testing.
He revealed that soon, they will start visiting drinking joints, recreational places and all social gathering places to ensure that people are tested and if found positive put on treatment and follow up to ensure that infected persons take their drugs.
He listed Assistant partner notification, a process that will be used to trace for one’s partners after he or she is found positive and the listed partners will be traced for compulsory testing and index client, a process that involves testing one’s close relative to discover their status are some of the moves the district is initiating to fight the HIV virus.

By Mathew Okello

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