Tororo County Councilor’s Caucus has resolved not to participate in the forthcoming LC 1 and II elections until the Tororo District matter is resolved.

The caucus led by the chairperson Alia Jimmy Apumer, says they are still not ready to be involved in elections at any level until a time when president Museveni pronounces himself on the matter of Tororo District.

The councilor’s caucus revealed this to reporters today at Hyenas café, Tororo Town

Electoral Commission Last month announced elections of LC Is and IIs in November this year. Tororo County, early this year boycotted LC5 by elections forcing the Electoral commission to call off the exercise citing unfriendly election environment.

In a similar incident, Charles Okello Athago, district councilor representing Merikit Sub County has been disowned by Tororo County Councilor’s caucus for allegedly being a hypocrite.

The councilors allege that Athago has been receiving bribes from some politicians so as to persuade some members of Tororo County not to push for the division of Tororo District.

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