Suspected arsonists attempted to set ablaze the home of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga in Anyafiyo Village, Arua Town, on Saturday night.
The suspects allegedly took advantage of the downpour in the night to cut a wire mesh at the window and tried to push a five-litre jerrican of petrol inside the house to set it ablaze.

Speaking to Daily Monitor yesterday morning, the MP’s wife, Ms Aminah Sijali, said the incident happened while they were asleep.
“The attackers first cut the wire mesh and attempted to push the petrol into the sitting room but when we realised it, the attackers took off. Good enough the stick failed to get lit because it was wet,” Ms Sijali said.

Wife narrates
“I was already sleeping with my five children when my sister-in-law called me asking whether I was the one opening the door, but when I checked, I found part of the wire mesh was already cut and the people had fled,” she added.
Ms Sijali said she called the police officer guarding their home only to find the five-litre jerrican of petrol abandoned at the door way.

Mr Abiriga has been at the forefront in the push for lifting of the presidential age limit from the Constitution.
The MP, who was in Kampala at the time of the incident, said he is not worried since he has no grudge against anyone.

Two police officers have been deployed to guard the home. Detectives have opened a file of attempted arson as investigations continue.
Prior to the incident, unknown people allegedly removed tyres of a vehicle parked in the compound.

By Daily Monitor

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