Bishop Ilukol Girado of Tororo Pentecostal outreach ministries has asked the people of Tororo to acknowledge and value the role of local singers in shaping society. Bishop Ilukol was speaking yesterday during his visit to Matunus Ochulu a local singer who survived a fatal accident a long Mbale – Kumi road two months back.
The bishop noted with concern that some people don’t value musicians yet they play a role of educating and shaping morals of society through their music.
He asked the people of Tororo not only to cherish musicians when they are performing but also show them love and comfort during their difficult times.
Matunis Ochulu who has been bed ridden for about two weeks now was discharged from hospital on Monday following his progressive recovery. The singer is now nursing wounds from his home in Kachinga South Zone Merikit sub-county.

By Nocholas Odongo

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