Radio consultant Joel Isabirye has teamed up with Dave Kazoora at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation’s Magic 100 radio station.

Kazoora was early this year hired by UBC management to turn around Magic 100 and make it one of the biggest radio stations in the land.

Since then Kazoora has been struggling or rather working tooth and nail to make the required amends.

But his struggles have not been helped by the fact that financing has been a mirage with UBC management not fulfilling their pair of the bargain.

While Isabirye will not provide the financial backing needed, he will help JK in staff and structural management.

He {Isabirye} revealed the news to his friends on Facebook revealing that he had become Kazoora’s partner in his new role. His job will be to redirect the radio station into becoming an English radio market leader.

This will mean over taking the likes of Capital Radio, Kfm and Sanyu FM as the most listened to and marketable station.

And trust Isabirye. He has already embarked on a massive overhaul bringing in some of the most celebrated radio personalities.

The likes of Hakeem Sagga, Juliana Mercedez., Dagy Nyce, Tony Kent, Victoria Bagaya, Sebatta Hassan are some of the latest recruitment.

Isabirye revealed: “Over the last few days I was involved in getting Magic 100 ready to be put on air as an updated product in the next week. A lot of training, market surveys, product designs took place in this context.

We intend for Magic 100 to become a major player in the English language radio market segment where Capital, Kfm et al are currently active.

I was brought in by my brother Dave Kazoora to function as a director/partner in his partnership with UBC for the development of Magic 100 (in terms of audience and revenue). So I believe it is a long term arrangement.

I also believe we have obtained a good team and we shall begin the roll out on Monday with optimum effective scheduling (oes) of music for a few days along with other things. The team will come on in a few days time.

I suspect it might be a good station to listen to. So feel free to log on.”

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