There was drama in Western division today after councilors boycotted a council meeting which was meant to discuss 2018-2019 budget details and the over 4 months un paid arrears in allowances to the councilors.

Led by their speaker James Ekimwere, the councilors vowed never to sit for any council meeting unless the division pays their emoluments for at least two months

Ekimwere blamed the current crisis on the former division clerk Micheal Opella who kept on rendering empty promises. He says that Opella kept on promising them pay and this has always left them expectant standing their grounds of not attending any meeting until their queries are handled.

Stephen Okoth a councilor representing the youths says they have been undermined for a long time as councilors and vowed to stand their grounds until they are treated has Honorables.

He says they too have families and responsibilities a point which should give the division more reasons to pay their arrears.

Councilors boycott comes months after the division’s cabbage collectors went on strike over three months unpaid arrears

The western division chairperson Mzee Ahamed Jamal confirmed the development citing that the technical team is currently un settled trying to get solutions to the councilors grief promising that such crisis will not happen again because they are forging out a revenue source that will permanently solve this proble.

By Okoth Olunga

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