A section of residents in Bison A, Western division in Tororo municipality have expressed their disappointments with the manner in which Tororo municipal council authorities are evacuating them to create space for road construction.
Residents headed by George Tabu Osama say that council has never informed them of any plans to open up a road on their land saying they have lived on this land since 1966.
With lots of properties destroyed and graves vandalized Tabu adds that if the municipal council had the intensions of opening the road, it would have first considered resettling affected persons instead of applying force.
Tabu has filed a case at the magistrate court Tororo through the Global Human Rights and Peace Forum asking Tororo municipal council to explain the approach in asking them vacate their ancestral land.
Maziliana Abbo 45 one of the affected residents says she has nowhere to take her children adding that if her house is brokrn down, she will dump the children at municipal Council offices.
Speaking to East FM, The Municipal engineer Denis Okatch confirmed this development and says the construction of the Bendo road is still on hold because of the heavy rains. He however adds that municipal council has money to compensate the affected persons.

By Mathew Okello

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