Beneficiaries of phase three of the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF-3) in Moroto have defied the proposed saving schemes for the project.

NUSAF 3 has been engaging locals in community activities as one way of fighting poverty and improving welfare in families. The project employs locals to open community access roads, dig water ponds and set nursery beds among others for financing projects. NUSAF also pays community money for labour intensive public works where each member gets 5,500 per day.

By the design of the project, each local earns daily wages of Shillings 4,000 for work done and another 1,500 is saved. The daily wages are paid after every fortnight, according to the community facilitator in Rupa sub county, Bernard Akol.

However, 1716 beneficiaries from Rupa went rowdy on Friday after learning that authorities had mooted a plan not to pay their savings. The angry residents pitched camp at the sub county headquarters demanding for immediate pay of both daily wages and savings.

Paul Lorupe, one of the beneficiaries says people wanted the money since their contract had expired. He notes that a number of beneficiaries who were incorporated in the works didn’t understand the project guidelines. Lorupe claims some members were instigated to protest on assumption that their savings had disappeared.

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