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“A show that delivers breakfast to your bed it brings interest into fun!”

As the name suggests, you will find it captivating from the word go. It is built around the characters; Rita O who achors, Kanyana Kassim and Okecho Dominic who have perfected political career and analytical issues in the daily digest and later joined by Giant with big farming tips that keeps farmers motivated while listening . It’s an amazing full buffet for breakfast! It streams from 6:00am to 10:00am Monday to Friday


  • Rita O
  • Kassim Kanyana
  • Okecho Dominic
  • Wagwa paul [Giant]

JUA-KALI Mid Morning

“Your Mid morning Hustle”

Presented by Bako Ann and Oben, they come into the show with vast experience. With an unbeatable library of music, they keep our listeners company and on their feet as they go about their hustles. They also offer daily tips on health, business flow during the day.

During lunch, Bako plays requests from the listeners where her sense of humor is next to none. In all, time spend listening during the day is both educational as well as entertaining.


  • Bako Ann
  • Oben


Join OBEN 8:30am to 9am|2:00pm-3:00pm| for the biggest sports show in the East.
This is the most analytical and complete sports fest in the Region.

The East Sports team is been well selected to provide in-depth analysis of F1, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket and so much more..

However knowing that football is the most popular sport, the panellists are tasked with having in-depth analysis on this.

With lots of humour to lighten up the show… this is where sports meets fun!!

Nyumbani Evening Rush

“Dynamic Evening Drive Show”

Nyumbani is East fm’s Evening Drive Time Show that runs from 3pm to 7pm. Hashim and Lucy get together every weekday to fuel your journey home with the biggest hits, flow of humor, interesting and entertaining features and info that has a collection of madsters. It’s a chemical mix that’s definitely going to cause explosions of laughter as you leave work. It’s both informative, entertaining and vibing with lots of music and rib cracking. It’s the most dynamic and fun team on radio in Eastern Uganda and Nyumbani is the best drive time shows in Tororo.


  • Hashim Size Yako

MOTO – MOTO TOP 7 Countdown

Hashim does need a lot of introduction in Uganda’s music and social scene. He is an urban youth MC who knows his way around the world of music. He then joins an entertainment world with a jam-packed session with lots of music and celebrity interaction with fans on social media and listeners as he rates the most requested, latest, played and trending songs in the region Monday to Friday at 6:00pm to 7:00pm


  • Hashim


Wagwa Paul the giant is an entertainer, radio talk show host and a headmaster. Giant does talk shows from Wednesdays’ to Fridays at 7-8pm and 10 – midday every Saturdays. He currently lives in Busolwe where he gat farms. The giant has a cume  (cumulative weekly audience) of around 1000 unique listeners (listening for at least five minutes), making it the most listened-to  talk radio program in the region.


Presented by self made Love Doctor, a trained relationship counselor, Devis comes into the show with vast experience as a Love doctor. With an unbeatable library of music, he also keeps our listeners company and His rich knowledge of love and relationships have made him a free relationship consultant for the listeners offering daily tips on dating love, counseling callers for free and allowing love to flow during the day.

He also plays requests from the listeners where is never beaten as his rich database of music.


  • Nangai Davis