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Road users along Moroto-Soroti road have expressed fears as Kangole bridge threatens to give way. The Kangole main bridge passes through Omaniman river, one of the longest and fast running rivers in Karamoja region.

Three accidents have so far happened at the bridge, according to the LCV chairman Napak, Joseph Lomonyang. The first vehicle to veer off the bridge was a food truck belonging to th UN World Food Program-WFP around May this year, followed by two Chinese trucks. One of the Chinese trucks almost fell in the river this week after part of the bridge broke away. The bridge was constructed in 1954.

The continuous wearing away of the bridge has forced some vehicles especially heavy trucks to abandon the road.

Immaculate Angella, one of the passengers who traveled on Friday afternoon from Soroti says the state of the river is very worrying. “I felt like jumping out of the Noah when we passed there. The bridge is just in pieces and yet some heavy vehicles risk and pass on it. Government should restrain drivers from passing on this road when they are loaded, ” said Angella.

An administrator with the Gateway bus company who declined to mention her name says passengers are always asked to come out of the bus when they reach the bridge. She adds that the process consumes a lot of time for passengers.


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