By Antony Onyalla

President Yoweri Museveni has assured the people of Tororo that no one can grab their land. The President said all land ownership matters in Uganda were clearly resolved by the 1995 Constitution.

Speaking at Rock Mambo Radio last evening, Museveni said the current proposed land amendment is to counter the selfish thieves who have been using weaknesses within the law on compensation to fraudulently rob the country and also those who frustrate government programmes.

The President said those who are speaking against the proposed land amendment are the enemies of Uganda describing them as greedy.

The President explained that the current law is good and protects land owners, but it is not sufficient on compensation adding that Government is only interested in land for developmental programs such as construction of roads, railway line and power lines.
President Museveni said that with land act Amendment, the Government will compensate the affected persons adequately and in case of any dissatisfaction, a tribunal will be formed at Sub county level to solve the issue within three months.

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