[yop_poll id=”-3″]The parliamentary committee on Gender, Labour and Social development has asked Government to fast-track bilateral agreements with Arab countries where Ugandan workers are exported.

The demand comes after it emerged that 48 Ugandans – 35 women and 13 men – died between January to date in Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait due to inhuman treatment. The reports on the deaths are from the Ugandan Mission in Abu Dhabi.

While addressing a press conference today, the MPs stated that if Government does not fast-track the process, they will move a motion in Parliament to stop export of labour to the Middle East countries where Ugandans are not valued.

Uganda exports 65,000 workers every year to different parts of the world.

Mwine Mpaka, the Western Youth MP, stated that the illegal syndicate involved in luring the girls need to be investigated, while Government must also take keen interest in the lives of Ugandans travelling abroad.

He says the Ministry of Gender should not take its time on this, but have each and every detail checked.

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