Motor cycles riders in Tororo district are living in great fear due to rampant motorcycle theft in the district.

Of recent, thugs are targeting riders with new motorcycles many of whom are young boys in vacations.

During an exclusive interview with our reporter, Emurukut Thomas the chairman of bod boda riders in Tororo district said that from November last year to date over 11 motorcycles have been stolen In Tororo district.

Emurukut says the thugs use tricks like giving money to the riders to buy them something. On Wednesday alone three motorcycles were stolen, one at Tororo college play ground, another at Seamus and another at Kwapa trading centre in kwapa Sub County.

Many bodaboda riders who spoke to our reporter claim that they have survived losing their motorcycles to thugs who are now on rampage in Tororo district.

However Emurukut advised riders to be careful and watch out for suspicious people to avoid falling into their traps.

Meanwhile the OC CID Tororo Kazibwe Zziwa down plaid the claims saying that motorcycle theft in Tororo is not as bad as it was in the past where riders were killed and their motorcycles taken.

He said that the current situation is being accelerated by the bodaboda riders who always resist police patrol in an attempt to weed out wrong elements.

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