The National Medical director of Uganda Cares John Saleh has cautioned residents of Malaba and the nation at large to take serious precaution in condoms use if they are to be used effectively.

Speaking during the commemoration of international condom day at Malaba market in Tororo district yesterday, Saleh advised the public to avoid dumping used condoms in open space noting that children pick them and use as balloons with no knowledge of the side effect.

He also added that international condom is put as a reminder to those preparing for valentine to consider using condoms as a way of protection from sexually transmitted Infections, HIV/AIDS and un planned pregnancies.

Meanwhile Willy Mugoma who represented the DHO at the event said condom day should not be treated as a joke but as a day of reminding people the importance of condoms.

Mugoma noted that as a district they are facing challenge with ladies who have failed to become accustomed to the use of female condoms and leave the responsibility of protection to the men.

He also revealed that the prevalence of HIV is high along high ways like Malaba and Osukuru whose prevalence is at 12% compared to Paya and Peta whose prevalence is at 1-2%.

By Mthew Okello

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