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Police in Kyotera district is hunting for Yasin Mayanja, the Deputy Chief Administrative officer who escaped from detention, moments after his arrest last night.

Mayanja, also the Kyotera District Secretary for Land was arrested after Kyotera district executive implicated him in the illegal award of land titles to businessmen in Mutukula and theft of public funds.

Kyotera took over Mutukula land ownership when it started operations in July this year, from its mother district, Rakai. The land in question formerly belonged to Mutukula Government Prison. However, a number of land titles had been given to private individuals by the time the new district was created.

Records indicate that at least 2,000 people applied and paid for plots from the same piece of land but had not secured awarding certificates. 10 people have so far petitioned Kyotera LCV Chairman Patrick Kintu Kisekulo complaining that plots were being secretly allocated.

On further scrutiny, it was observed that Yasin Mayanja had forged general receipts and received money from various people. Mayanja was then summoned, together with his boss Idris Bukenya, the Kyotera Chief Administrative Officer to explain circumstances under which the awards were given.

According to Kisekulo, Mayanja failed to defend himself and show accountability for the money received from businessmen leading to his arrest.


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