The chairperson Tororo county councilor’s caucus Jimmy Alia Apumeri has refuted claims by some people in Tororo that the Thursday’s joint round up of the Tororo district deputy CAO Joel Musis by councilors from both Tororo county and west Budama as a signal of unity between the two groups.
Apumeri’s comments came after councilors subscribing to Tororo county councilor’s caucus and those of West Budama abandoned a meeting organized by the In-door Residual spraying agents to notify stakeholders on their current progress made a twist after hearing that the CAO’s office is demanding for refund to the shilling 390,000 given to each of the councilors during a three day retreat in Jinja which was meant to discuss how to resolve Tororo crisis but never took place.
Speaking to our reporter recently, Apumeri stated that they only met at the white house because it was the only central place to meet the CAO. He adds that they can never be united unless the issues of equality and ownership are addressed.
Apumeri says he will refund the 390000 only if the DISO, RDC and CAO refund theirs adding that as councilors they are entitled to allowances not refunds.
Meanwhile the chairperson West Budama councilors caucus Jox Jabwana said that as the councilors of Tororo district they have never been disunited citing the confusion is all about demanding for a substantive local council five chairperson that has been long overdue since the death of Jaramogi Apollo.

By Mathew Okello

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