Hundreds of people today flocked at Nangongera health centre IV to benefit from a one day non communicable disease screening courtesy of Uganda Non-communicable diseases Alliance (UNCDA)
UNCDA mainly focuses on diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart related diseases whose diagnosis are not given much attention they are affecting many people in the country.
According to Harriet Nyanzi a UNCDA board member, many people in African associate non communicable diseases with developed countries and this makes them live reckless lives thereby susceptible to acquiring the diseases.
She also noted that many people with communicable disease tend to abandon treatment when they see some improvement which makes recovery hard.
Byansi Syagunya also a board member strongly condemned the act of people running to witch doctors and traditional herbalist for treatment of non communicable diseases saying the herbs are never effective and there are risks of over dose and under dose.
Syagunya advised people to embark on regular exercise, eating balanced diet, avoiding sugary food and too much oil as the major ways to prevent the non-communicable diseases.

By Mathew Okello

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