The former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party President General Mugisha Muntu has asked the government of Uganda to increase funding to the sports sector in order to develop talents in the country.
Muntu was speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview over the weekend at Paya Primary School play grounds during the Adhola Inter clan football match final between Morwa Guma clan and Ramogi clans that ended 4 – 3 in favor of Morwa Guma.
Gen. Muntu said sports contributes greatly to the development of a nation, promotes unity, self employment and advertising the country citing examples like Jamaica, Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil and among others that have greatly benefitted from sports. He adds that there is an untapped talent most especially in the rural areas due to less attention by authorities.
Muntu also refuted claims that he has parted ways with Colonel Kizza Besigye adding that as FDC they are in countrywide consultations with the delegates to choose either compliance or defiance as a method of exiting the current regime.

Okoth Olunga.

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