The UPC spokesperson Osinde Orach has said that not participating in LCI elections in Tororo district is a polite way of allowing NRM dominate Tororo district and this will not give the opposition a chance to take over Tororo.
Speaking to East FM, Osinde asked both the Jopadhola and Iteso not to carry tribal segments into these elections saying LC1’s are very important adding that these elections are national elections whose outcome benefits the ordinary persons in the village.
Osinde says the electoral commission should organize LC elections and has called upon all UPC members to make sure their names appear on the registers in order to be liable to vote on the Election Day.
He also revealed that this is the time for UPC to penetrate to the grass roots which will give them enough support to present a candidate for the next presidential elections.
Osinde revealed that the party is going to support all UPC candidates who will participate in these elections with printing posters and nomination fee to candidates who cannot afford.

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