The Tororo district returning officer Fred Tibakuno today summoned the Pajwenda town council LCIII contestant Moses Odel over allegations of voter’s bribery a head of town council polls.
The summon comes days after John Otonya, one of the candidates in the LC 3 race wrote a letter to the district returning officer asking him to put Moses Odel to order after he learnt that he was running radio announcement planning to spray bed bergs in voters houses within the town council areas an act he described as voter bribery.
Tibakuno said he couldn’t summon Odel as soon as he received the letter on 20th of this month as he gave time to other candidates to file the same complains but no one turned up.
He also assured odel that no one should threaten his candidature adding that suspending of a candidate from participation in the election is the last thing he can adding that currently he is sensitizing the candidates on electoral laws. Commenting on the letter written by Otonya, Tibakuno advised Odel to spray houses after the elections.
Meanwhile Odel dismissed all these allegations saying that he has never been involved in voter bribery and told the returning officer that he is facing a lot of threats from his opponent who have continuously frustrated his campaign and movements.
Odel also revealed that he living in threats imposed by his opponents adding that whenever he gathers his voters to speak them he is accused of voter bribery yet his opponents do the same but he never castigates them.

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