The director of Morkiswa community skilling institute Francis Oketch has called upon primary and secondary school leavers to avoid undermining of technical institutes but instead consider the institutes as a place of developing their careers to help fight unemployment syndrome within the country

Oketch made this appeal during an exclusive interview with our reporter at his office yesterday in Morkiswa, Kisoko Sub County.

Oketch noted with concern that many students after completing higher level of secondary education and failing to join University get stranded because of financial problems. He urges such students to join technical institutes.

He called upon students to allow their hands get dirty in so as to create employment other than compete for the few white cooler jobs.

Meanwhile Rose Mary Athieno an administrator at the institute asked parents not to dictate careers for their children but rather support them to study what they have interest in adding that forced careers always brings out lazy professionals.

By Mathew Okello

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