The electorates of Osukuru Sub County have resolved to recall their district councilor, Denis Olupot for failing to represent them effectively in the district council.

Olupot is accused of failing to advocate for the interest of his voters and concentrating on pursuing his own agenda and fighting the acting LCV Stella Imukutet.

During the consultative meeting yesterday at the Sub County headquarters, the electorates led by the LCIII chairperson, John Paul Okanya, Sub county councilors, Local council two chairpersons, local council one chairpersons, opinion leaders among others resolved to deliver a petition to the Electoral Commission recalling back the District Councilor.

Omaset Gerald, the former LCII chairperson of Osukuru Sub County said that Olupot has never consulted them on any matter since he was elected and has never reported what happens in the district council, therefore not fit to represent them at the district council

By Mathew Okello

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