The Tieng adhola cultural institution prime minster Richard Josel Obbo has revealed that the maps brought from colonial archives in the UK will not do much in altering the conflicts within Tororo district because their findings reflects what they have been telling their people and the president.
Obbo made this comment yesterday during an exclusive interview with east fm following their return from the UK. A team constituting of Jopadhola, Itesot and officials from the ministry of lands went collect the ancient Tororo mapsto confirm the boundaries of Tororo distict.
Obbo said that they went to different places in UK to trace for these maps and the first map they got concerning Tororo was that of Budama district that consisted of three counties of Samia Bugwe, Bunyole and Budama County drawn in 1920’s
The second map drawn in 1930’s separated Budama County into two counties of East Budama and West Budama a later map of 1959 changed the name of East Budama to Tororo County.
Obbo also revealed that their concern was to trace the origin of the name Tororo County which they were not able to get from any office from UK.
Obbo asked the people of Tororo to remain calm as they look forward to organizing a meeting with their subjects next week.
Meanwhile the Itesot prime Sande Paul Emolot said that the outcome of the journey was good but did not give the details of the journey which he said will give a joint press conference.

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