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Clerics in Karamoja are considering banning indecent dressing in church with the aim of fostering discipline, decency and morality among Christians. Many Christians in Karamoja have adopted miniskirts and skimpy attire.
Rev. Capt. Simon Peter Loduk, the Karamoja Diocesan Secretary, says the dress code especially among women is tempting and annoying. He notes that there is need to respect the church since it is a house of worship.
Reverend Loduk says indecent dressing is a sign of immorality, which the church can’t tolerate.
According to Rev. Fr. Paul Ngole, the Vicar General at Regina Mundi, Moroto Catholic diocese, indecent dressing stirs sexual immorality in church. He urges all stakeholders to condemn the vice at all levels of leadership since it sets a bad precedence for the young generation.