The Tororo district senior community development officer Vincent Oguti has blamed young people for neglecting their parents after they have made in life.
Oguti says that most parents invest in their children hoping for support in their elderly age but instead are abandoned with their children only minding of their families living their parents to languish in poverty.
He added that as leaders they are working to see that most working children are subjected to compulsory sharing of their monthly income with their parents as liberation to their aging parents.
Oguti also called upon parents to develop a culture of saving as they invest in their children to reduce their suffering upon retirement.
He also said that as Tororo district they are working towards ensuring the elders living within the district finds it easier to access services and this will include elder not making cues at all the service points and anyone who subject elders to such will be punished.
Oguti made this pronouncement today while addressing a group of elderly leaders from different Sub counties in Tororo district at the Teacher resource centre in Tororo district who had converged to discuss the affairs of the elderly persons in Tororo.
Charles Isabirye the representative of Eastern Uganda elders to the national council asked NGO’s in charge of older persons to carry out activities that live a positive impact on the elderly.
He also condemned the act of most youth producing children and abandoning them to their grandparents something he says is a big burden to the elderly persons.

By Mathew Okello

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