Bukedea District Health Secretary, Mike Okwii

Bukedea district council is under fire from civil society activists and residents for endorsing a resolution in favor of the proposed scrapping of the presidential age limit. Last week, Bukedea district council unanimously voted to support the scrapping of the article 102 (b) that restricts the president age to between 35 and 75 years from the constitution.

The Bukedea District Health Secretary, Mike Okwii moved the motion to support the proposed scrapping of the presidential age limit in a council chaired by the Speaker, Tychicus Okwii Ebukalin. Okwii said that the restriction on the president’s age was discriminatory, saying it locks out some people from contesting for the highest office in the country.

The council resolution has sparked wide criticism from civil society leaders and ordinary residents, saying the resolution was uncalled for. Tom Okello, the Coordinator of Iteso Welfare Association, says the resolution of Bukedea district council regarding the presidential age limit is very disheartening and stressing.

He argues that it was unnecessary for the council to drum support for such an unpopular and undemocratic proposal. Okello wants the district council to apologise for misrepresenting the interest of Bukedea residents.

Joseph Okelot, a resident of Bukedea town council equally is disappointed with the council resolution, which seeks to make Yoweri Museveni life president. Okelot suspects that some district council members could have pocketed bribes to support such proposal.

CREDIT: URN, Ronald Odongo

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