Dr Kizza Besigye has said that the opposition will make it impossible for the ruling National Resistance Movement and President Museveni to amend the constitution and remove the age limit for whatever reason.

Speaking at a press conference at Katonga road in Kampala, Besigye said that the struggle against the amendment of the constitution and the regime has only started and will not end until there is a transition of power.

“We shall make it impossible for Museveni and his junta to continue doing this (running the country lawlessly). It does not matter even if they pass this (amendment), they may even decide to go and sit at state house of Kyankwanzi and they pass it. It does not matter; what matters is what the people of Uganda want,” Besigye said.

“The struggle is on, it wont be a one-day thing, they may come back on Monday to try and pass the amendment, but the struggle will go on until there is a transition in this country. We are willing to pay the highest price,” he added.

Dr Besigye called upon all members of the public to come out and take a clear position regarding the age limit. He said the matter before the country is not a partisan issue as it involves everyone who is fighting a transition to a democratic dispensation.

“What is going on is not a matter between the NRM and the opposition. Constitutional matters are not partisan that is why we have many now who are elected on NRM ticket and are rightly saying this is wrong, because this is a matter for oppression vs oppressed,” he said.

It should be noted that about 287 NRM MPs during a caucus meeting voted to support a motion that seeks to amend the constitution and remove article 102b. During the same meeting, only seven MPs voted against, while two abstained.

Besigye also ruled out help from international communities, arguing that this is a matter that is Ugandan and should be solved by the Ugandans.

“The international community is not one that will liberate us, it can not liberate any country, it is our primary duty to assert our will to leave as free people. That is why we must not look up to other to secure our freedom, it is diversionary,” he said.

Over 12 countries under the European Union yesterday condemned police brutality in handling anti- age limit removal demonstrators, the EU was only adding a voice to the US that had earlier called upon the government to respect people’s freedom to democracy and expression.

However, in a counter reply, government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo urged the foreign dignitaries to get off Ugandan matters. He also reiterated that the government would not take “unqualified lectures from foreign agents”.

Dr Besigye further cast a doubt to free and fair elections in the near future until the country has working institutions.“After the constitution, we shall have to rebuild the institutions. If you look at the police, the DPCs all come from one village. We will never have free and fair elections unless we have new institutions, legal and constitutional framework,” he said.


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