The district councilor for Kwapa Sub County who was the Tororo county councilor’s caucus Chairperson Alia Jimmy Apumeri has spoken out on events that unfolded in Tororo district in recent weeks.
Apumeri who has of recent been criticized by a section of people from Tororo County over his methods of operation has criticized people who were against the passing of the district budget saying none of them would stand the effects of running a district without a budget.
Apumeri said without a budget, public servants would not receive their salaries and this would mean teachers, medical workers and other government servants laying down their tools which would not be supported by anybody including the president.
He also refuted claims that he was supporting the beating up of Tororo county people on the day of budget passing.

The Kwapa legislator added that most times he has been forced to act on behalf of Tororo County as far as beating the opponent is concerned citing that when he fails he is implicated by his colleagues.
He also revealed that his current elimination by the people of Tororo County comes at the time when they are about to harvest what they have been struggling for.

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