Police in Malaba border is holding 11 suspects in connection to the increased insecurity that has of recent left many people in fear.

This follows after a boda boda operator only known as Kassim was hacked in cold blood on Monday morning and a suspect in connection to his death was also lynched on Tuesday.

Odera Charles the Chairperson Malaba Boda Boda Association disclosed that in the last 6 months, over 11 registered motorcycles under the association have been stolen, leaving 3 people dead.

He also revealed that there is a big cartel of thieves who disguise as boda boda operators at night and yet they are spies to the cartel.

In a recent security meeting in consultation with Tororo district held at Malaba Town Council chambers, the OC Malaba Police station ASP Kifude Isma confirmed that there is increased insecurity in Malaba town.

However, he asked boda boda operators not to take the law into their hands by lynching suspects because these suspects are of paramount help to aiding police investigations.

Kifude also identified night clubs such as Winkers Club and Espana club as the biggest hubs for criminals in Malaba town.

In the same meeting, Ecutu Opio who is the OC Barracks Malaba police asked the Chief magistrate not to be lenient on these suspects like sentencing them to community labor because most of them have criminal records.

Ecutu argued that when there is lenience in judgment, most of these suspects continue liaising with their colleagues who steal and kill boda bodas thus causing more insecurity.

By Imoo Ronald and Ayeet Daniel O.





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